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Headquartered in Michigan, with offices in Pennsylvania, California and Romania, Caelynx engineers are expert CAE & FEA consultants specializing in product engineering & design services and engineering staffing services. We also offer expert SIMULIA support.
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Caelynx News and Events

December 2013: Caelynx sells complete FEA solutions, including SIMULIA, CATIA, FEMFAT, and more!
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August 6, 2014: Isight - Improve Product Design with Parametric Optimization
August 25, 2014: Introducing More: Simulia's Extended Token Licensing'
November 4, 2014: Recently we had an interview with Concentrate, which you can read here. Caelynx has also been named one of Ann Arbor SPARK's FastTrack companies.
April 8, 2015: How to Buy Abaqus: 5 Easy Steps

Caelynx is an engineering services consulting company with expertise in advanced finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods to address its customer’s product performance requirements. Caelynx consults for leading innovators in the aerospace, automotive, consumer product, high-tech, energy, and life science sectors, transforming their product development processes.  Caelynx delivers greater efficiency by improving product design, providing optimum performance, reducing prototype development costs, and minimizing time to market. 

Caelynx is an authorized value-added reseller (VAR) of Dassault Systemes’ SIMULIA and CATIA product portfolio, as well as the North American distributor of FEMFAT software. ABAQUS, one of several SIMULIA products, has long been the best-in-class finite element analysis software package for realistic simulation involving real world nonlinear behavior of product performance.  Caelynx engineers, due to our experience and excellence in the use of ABAQUS for solving their clients’ complex product performance simulations via consulting services, offers expert support for our software clientele.  Dassault Systemes

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